Pristine Wash Service Equipment

We operate the highest quality state of the art equipment.

Our equipment at Pristine Wash Services is maintained by a strict maintenance schedule ensuring reliability and maximum performance.  This gives our customers consistent service and allows us to complete every project without the fear of equipment failures leading to incomplete projects.  We use only commercial grade equipment capable of standing up to the rigors of every day use and large scale projects.  All of our equipment is housed in enclosed trailers to protect from environmental damage and reduce the sound signature.  Our trailers are equipped with high power LED lights capable of illuminating an entire football field.  This allows Pristine Wash Services to operate day or night.


Pressure-Pro 8012PRO-35HG

Hot water pressure washing, pressure washing

This commercial unit is capable of producing 3500PSI of cleaning power at 200 degrees fahrenheit pumping out 8 gallons per minute.  It easily washes oil, grime and mold away in a fraction of the time it takes conventional units.  This unit is seven times more powerful than a standard gas pressure washer.  Pressure washer cleaning power is measured in CU(Cleaning Units).  This figure is obtained by taking the amount of PSI(Pounds per Square Inch) and multiplying it by the GPM(Gallons Per Minute).  See the comparison below.

  • Electric pressure washer (Sun Joe). 1450PSI@1.45GPM=2102.5CU
  • Big Box Store gas pressure washer (Troy Built).  2800PSI@2.3GPM=4140CU
  • Our Equipment (Commercial Grade).  3500PSI@8GPM=28,000CU


soft washing, soft wash, house wash, roof washing, tile roof washing, asphalt shingle washing

This unit was custom built for Pristine Wash Services by the Power Wash Store to meet our specific requirements.  This unit allows us to gently wash roofs and structures without causing damage usually associated with pressure washing.  It produces less pressure than a standard garden hose and allows us to use the precise amount of cleaning detergents depending on the project.  Using specially designed spray tips for high volume low pressure applications, we can safely reach up to four stories high safely from the ground.

TITAN Stainless Steel Hose Reels with PVC cores

We use only TITAN hose reels.  Each trailer is equipped with 4 reels each capable of holding 300 feet of high pressure high temp hose.  This allows two wash technicians to work simultaneously getting the job done in half the time.  Our 600 feet of hose capability allows us to clean the largest of properties while keeping our equipment street side. 

The "Big Guy" Surface Cleaner

concrete surface cleaning, pressure washing, driveway, driveway pressure washing

The "Big Guy" Surface Cleaner offers a 28 inch wide cleaning path.  Used in conjunction with our Pressure-Pro hot water unit, a conventional 2 car driveway can be cleaned in under 15 minutes.

The "Hammer Head"

concrete surface cleaning, pressure washing, driveway, driveway pressure washing

This 20 inch Hovering surface cleaner makes cleaning walkways and hard to reach areas a breeze.  It can be adjusted to clean any surface from pool decks to cobble stone.

High Pressure Non Marking Hoses

Pressure washing, pressure washing hoses, non marking,

Our hoses are rated 5400 psi and are wrapped in a grey non marking sheath.  This avoids leaving black scuffs on your property.  Our hoses are inspected after each use to ensure hose integrity.