Commercial Services

Service Stations

Grease, oil and other automotive fluids from poorly maintained vehicles can leave the areas around your pumps unsightly.  With a combination of high pressure hot water and bio degradable cleaning solutions we can make your pump pads look new again.  Our flexible schedule allows our customers to choose a time that will not effect fuel sales.

Fleet Washing

Perception is everything.  You want your fleet vehicles to represent your brand, who you are and what you do.  Keeping your fleet vehicles clean plays a vital role in your customers perception of how you operate as a company.  Let us make your brand shine.

Retail Locations and Restaurants

If you are a management company looking to keep existing tenants happy or to attract potential new tenants clean walkways and store fronts need to be inviting. High traffic walkway paths, chewing gum, bird droppings and mold all make for an unsightly appearance on concrete and building facias.  Pristine Wash Services can get these surfaces looking great again.

Large Commercial Buildings

Commercial structures fall victim to organic growth.  We offer full service structure washing using high volume low pressure washing in conjunction with cleaning solutions to restore your structure to a new appearance.  Our process is safe for all types of surfaces.  Stucco, dryvit, brick, block, stone, wood and painted surfaces are all great candidates to be restored by our cleaning processes. 

...and much more

If you have a need for any type of exterior commercial cleaning, give us a call.  We have flexible hours so we don't effect your normal business hours.  Our trucks utilize high power LED lighting so projects can be performed during any time of the evening or early morning.